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Duck Prosciutto

June 16, 2016
food curing

Final product

I did it using these steps:

  1. Cut the loin from the breast, you know the small piece you also find on chicken breast.
  2. Remove excess fat and pat dry. Weigh the breast and not down the starting weight. A rule of thumb with curing is that when the product has lost 30% of it’s initial weight while curing it’s done.
  3. Make sure you pick a container that is big enough to make the breast not touch the sided. Fill it with a layer of salt.
  4. Add the breast and cover completely in salt and let it sit there for 24h.
  5. Remove from salt, rinse and pat dry.
  6. Cover in black pepper to taste and weigh the breast again and don’t make the mistake of forgetting to weigh the breast at this point.The next step is to wrap the breast tightly in cheesecloth and weighing your breast after this involves the weight of the cloth of course.
  7. Let hang in a cool place for 7 days or until it’s 30% of it’s starting weight.

This is the breast hanging wrapped in cheesecloth:

Duck breast hanging in cheesecloth

Final product again

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